Most Important Hires When Opening A New Business

Most businesses begin as a single person with a product or idea and a dream. At first, they will take care of every aspect of their business alone. When their business starts to grow, it could reach a point where it’s time to scale the business and build a team. This is a good sign and is usually an exciting time for a new business owner. In order to ensure that your business has the best chance of growing and succeeding, it is crucial to hire the best people for the job. Each new business has certain hires they need to make first and foremost. Below are some of the more important hires when starting a new business.


Project Manager


According to information found on, one of the very first and important hires that should be made is a project manager. While the company is growing, the pipeline needs to stay full and the project manager is necessary to keep a close eye on the timeline of the company and be sure all of its moving parts are running according to plan. A project manager needs to be very good at communicating and holding other key staff accountable for their selected tasks and milestones. They will also be typically in charge of scheduling the business meetings and keeping in close contact with the company’s managers.




While hiring a part-time accountant could very well work out in the beginning stages of a small business, it is best to hire a full-time accountant once your business starts to grow. As the company grows, the accountant can grow into your financial adviser and they can keep an eye on excess spending which if left unaddressed is usually the cause of many businesses to fail. Without effective finance management, extra funds could be being spent without being noticed until it is too late.


Marketing Associate


When you have a small business, it is crucial to be continuously creating new marketing and advertising strategies to help grow each year. According to, continually marketing your business in the beginning stages is crucial for success and developing your brand. Having an experienced marketing associate is key to getting word out about your products and services. An experienced marketer will be able to successfully identify your target markets to attract new and loyal customers.


Administrative Assistant


While you are running the bigger jobs of the business, it is important to have someone taking care of the day-to-day tasks of the business as well. Things like data entry, making business calls, scheduling and tracking shipments are a few of the things that need to be taken care of each day to keep your business running smoothly. It may not be a glamorous position, however, it is typically one of the most important jobs for a small business. This position requires someone ready to take on a small role in every aspect of the business to help it continue to grow.


Seeing your business begin to grow can be both exciting and stressful. The hiring of key individuals for the growth of your business is essential to propel your business forward. Finding the right people for each job and adding them to your team can set your business up for success both now and in the future.


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